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Government Transparency is a collaborative website about Open Government that anyone can edit! By examining public documents we may be able to make governments fully understand that they are accountable to their citizens, as citizens are governments' sole source of revenue. (All other sources of revenue can eventually be traced to citizens of one country or another.)

Government Transparency, or Open GovernmentEdit

Government transparency, often referred to as Open Government, is a movement or feeling within the public of many countries, throughout the world, that the governance of the public interests ought to be conducted as openly as is practical. This idea has historically been a cornerstone of democratic governments, the taxing and expenditure of public funds, and has recently seen a resurgence in the frequency and volume of discussion. It seems to me that this trend had its beginnings in the end of the Cold War, and had been quietly growing as people began to feel more secure in questioning not just the character of individuals within government, but the nature and structure of government itself, and especially the free flow of information concerning government policy and activities carried out in the name of the public interest.

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